Pee Devil 8 with Selene Rivers

Scene One
Selene is in a strange house after a party and doesn't know where the toilets are, desperate she can't hold any longer and wets herself under her skirt on the wooden floor.
Scene Two
Selene squats to pee on the road and being naughty starts to wet herself on purpose. She then pulls down her knickers and pees all over them making a puddle on the road.
Scene Three
Selene wets her knickers on her bed, she removes them and continues her pee all over her bed and pillow. Feeling very aroused she plays with herself before falling asleep exhausted.
Scene Four
Selene crawls across the top of her landing staircase purring like a cat, needing to pee she sits on the top step and pisses down the stairs.
Scene Five
Selene is sleepwalking across her landing trying to find the bathroom door, she gives up and pees all over the carpet.
Scene Six
Selene is very desperate by her fireplace, she lifts her dress and pees all over the wooden floor.
Scene Seven
Out in the countryside Selene is relaxing on her picnic blanket drinking water. As no one is around she decides to be naughty and wets herself under her skirt soaking her blanket.

Pee Devil 8 starring Selene Rivers featuring pissing on carpets, skirt wetting, naked peeing, knicker wetting and pissing over pillows !


Title no longer Available


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