Pee Devil 7 with Morrigan and Cherry

Scene One
Morrigan has a piss all over the kitchen floor in front of a halogen heater.
Scene Two
Morrigan is less than pleased with Cherry's Easter present, a fluffy duck. She is so annoyed she decides to piss all over it. Being a little upset and seeking revenge Cherry pisses over Morrigan's present she gave her, a chocolate Easter Egg.
Scene Three
Out on the road Cherry is desperate to pee, Morrigan stops the car but then locks the doors to teach her a lesson for stealing her boots. She eventually lets her out when Cherry threatens do it on the seat. They both pee on the roadside next to the car, Cherry standing by a fence and Morrigan squatting with her knickers pulled down. As Morrigan is pissing she gets caught by a passing motorist !
Scene Four
Morrigan is locked out of the bathroom so has to piss on the carpet outside the door.
Scene Five
Morrigan discovers Cherry has erased one of her favourite programmes on her video tape, she wrestles her to the floor and pisses over her chest.
Scene Six
Morrigan films Cherry pissing over the carpet.
Scene Seven
A desperate Morrigan trying to make it to the bathroom pisses into a glass then decides to pour it all over the carpet.
Scene Eight
Morrigan plays with herself in front of her mirror and watches herself piss all over it.
Scene Nine
Morrigan finds Cherry watching a porno movie, she needs to pee and decides to be naughty and wet herself on the carpet while Cherry watches, turned on she then wants to play with Cherry's pussy.
Scene Ten
Morrigan secretly wets her black knickers on the carpet.
Scene Eleven
Morrigan tries to put her candle out wetting herself through her black knickers, soaking the carpet in the process.
Scene Twelve
A very naughty Morrigan pulls down her knickers and has a pee on the carpet under the stairs.

Pee Devil 7 starring Morrigan and Cherry featuring pissing on carpets, naked peeing, knicker wetting and golden showers


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