Pee Devil 4 with Morrigan

Scene One
Morrigan pulls her knickers down and has a piss on an expensive Axminster carpet !
Scene Two
Morrigan is desperate to use the bathroom but her sister Rachel is taking too long in there, as punishment she pisses all over her favourite teddy bear.
Scene Three
Morrigan is desperate to pee and starts to wet herself, she takes her knickers off and continues to pee standing on the carpet
Scene Four
Morrigan awakes and feeling naughty she plays with herself, needing to pee desperately she kneels on the bed and pisses all over it
Scene Five
Morrigan discovers her missing dress in her sister's wardrobe and takes revenge by having another piss over her sister's favourite teddy bear
Scene Six
A desperate Morrigan out in the countryside has no choice but to piss all over the road. Unable to hold any longer she starts to wet her black knickers before pulling them aside to make a large puddle
Scene Seven
Morrigan wets herself under her black skirt all over the carpet
Scene Eight
Morrigan pisses down the staircase and tries to hit the bottom stair !
Scene Nine
Morrigan plays with herself in bed before starting to wet herself, she stands on the bed and pisses all over the sheets
Scene Ten
Morrigan reminds the teddy bear what happens to him if her sister pisses her off again, she shows him how much she hates the orange carpet by squatting over it and peeing through her white knickers.


Pee Devil 4 starring Morrigan featuring pissing on carpets, skirt wetting, naked peeing, bedwetting and pissing on teddy bears !!


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