Scene One
Natalie pees under the table whilst reading her magazine.
Scene Two
In the garden Tiffany wets herself discreetly in a tennis uniform.
Scene Three
Natalie is desperate out on the patio, she can't hold on and wets herself in her jeans.
Scene Four
While playing computer games both girls are desperate to pee, but don't want to leave the game. Tiffany pees off the edge of her chair in her pink knickers straight onto the carpet. Natalie pulls down her knickers and pisses all over a picture of Nigella Lawson !
Scene Five
Tiffany has trouble ending her phone call while she is desperate, she gives in and wets herself in her jeans.
Scene Six
Natalie is too happy singing along to herself doing the washing up to be bothered to goto the bathroom, so she parts her legs & wets herself under her demin skirt over the kitchen floor.
Scene Seven
Tiffany and Natalie burst in the bathroom in their school uniforms both desperate to pee, they argue who should use the toilet first. Tiffany won't let Natalie be first so she just squats down and pees on the bathroom carpet. Following Natalie's example, Tiffany stands over the carpet too and with her legs apart wets herself under her skirt.
Scene Eight
Tiffany plays with herself reading a naughty magazine and then pees on the carpet.
Scene Nine
Natalie pulls her knickers aside and pees over the carpet on the stairs.


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