Scene One
Natalie is desperate to pee on the landing, she can't hold on and wets herself on the carpet. Tiffany catches her peeing, but desperate herself she pulls her knickers aside and adds to Natalie's carpet puddle.
Scene Two
Tiffany is watching TV and not wanting to miss any of her programme, moves to the edge of the sofa and pees through her knickers onto the carpet hoping Natalie doesn't notice. But Natalie does notice and is shocked at what Tiffany has done, however needing to pee she herself decides to make another puddle on the carpet next to Tiffany's.
Scene Three
Whilst out driving Tiffany and Natalie are desperate to pee, they jump out of their car and piss on road in front of the headlights
Scene Four
Natalie catches Tiffany being naughty and having a pee on the landing carpet, when Natalie says she needs to pee too Tiffany insists she must have her surprise first which she has been waiting to give her. She leads her into the bedroom and seduces her, but Natalie insists she is desperate and when Tiffany makes her cum Natalie can't hold anymore and pees naked all over the bedroom carpet.
Scene Five
Natalie plays a trick on Tiffany while she sleeps, placing her hand in a bowl of warm water causes her to wet the bed
Scene Six
Natalie has a piss on the landing carpet on purpose
Scene Seven
Natalie plays with herself in bed, she makes herself cum and then needs to pee. She knees on the bed and does it all over the sheets


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