Scene One
Candice lies asleep tucked up warm in bed. She is awoken when she starts to wet herself in her sleep. Aroused, she pulls aside her knickers and continues to pee all over the bed.
Scene Two
Candice is desperate to use the bathroom and on finding the door locked she decides it's much naughtier to pull her knickers down and pee straight onto the landing carpet
Scene Three
Outside on the patio, Candice has a pee under her beige dress on purpose.
Scene Four
Candice wets herself on purpose under her demin skirt standing over the landing carpet
Scene Five
Candice needs to pee as she wakes from her sleep but can't be bothered to go all the way to the bathroom. Instead she sits on the side of the bed and pees naked onto the bedroom carpet. She stands and continues peeing, aiming it all over the carpet.
Scene Six
Candice has finished getting changed to go out and is adjusting herself in the mirror. She needs to pee and doesn't think she'll make it to the toilet so she begins to wet herself under her skirt. She then squats, pulls down her knickers and pisses onto the new carpet.
Scene Seven
Whilst working on the computer Candice has to pee and decides she may as well just go right there on the chair. She wets her jeans and watches the patch grow and the pee flow onto the carpet. She then stands, pulls down her jeans and pees on them through her knickers. When she's finished her pee she plays with herself and makes herself cum in her knickers before putting her wet jeans back on.


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